Friday, July 14, 2006

Playing Games

I think it's safe to say when it comes to Hasbro or Playstation - I love them.

When it comes to poltics and hoop jumping - not so much.

Sure I can debate with the best of them but over the long haul when the back and forth is as effective as slamming ones head against a brick wall - I just want to crawl into a hole and take a nap.

If it's something where a huge wrong is being done I am the first to fight til the bitter end but when it starts looking like whose right is becoming more important than what they are right about - then that's something else.

Hopefully tomorrow my witnessing of such things will end on a fairly painless note but I'm doubtful.

If it doesn't - thank god the 60 day clock is now at 52.

Speaking of 52 - lesbian Batwoman hits the comic book - cover art and all - next Wednesday. There's something to look forward too

Monday, July 03, 2006

60 days.

Last night the words 'I spent the night in jail' were spoken by someone who shares rent with me. Never thought those words would ever be spoken in this home. Seven years in this place and that was a new one. Talk about a point in the 'get the hell out of Dodge department'.

60 days left and what's left to be heard? I think after last night we pretty much covered the last on the list.

I'm looking forward to hitting the road (bonus points for anyone that gets the photo reference) but just want it to begin. My dad would say you can't wish yourself into the future but packing up seven years of memories and yeah I want it all to just begin.

Still not allowing myself to really reflect on the move. Can't bring myself to deal with the emotions but the day is coming when it is all going to wash over me. Today isn't that day though.

Tomorrow the neighborhood peeps and I will be having us some grilling goodness and then it's all work and no play until July 2007.