Monday, December 25, 2006


Well hello everyone - Photos from Denver.

The statue is of Hamburger Mary - where we did our benefit while here in town.

The "living room" shot shows how hotels can look like livingrooms if you don't turn around and see the elevator

The tree was designed and made backstage by one of our light guys. Cool huh?

The storm photo was 16th Street Mall in Denver the day after. See not so bad...

Oh and that is me waving hello at the afternoon party in the presidental suite of the Marriott around the corner from where we are staying.


Merry Christmas

It's Christmas from the lobby of a Denver hotel (wireless internet ROCKS!!!)

To each and everyone of you who I know is aware of my little space in cyberland I wish you a Happy Holiday.

Today we have a special company dinner from 2-5pm and then a show at the theatre at 8pm (thanks to the cancelation and the poor planning of the presenter about a replacement show).

The company is hanging out tonight in the lobby of the hotel watching a year without a santa and playing dice games. Spirits are high and spirits are also being poured.

I am having a blast but do miss my dear friends at this wonderful time of year.

Oh and we have so far raised $65,000 for BCEFA since we started collecting.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

We're back!!!!

The snow is trying to melt. People can finally get out of their homes and we can finally sing and dance again.

Show number 3 of our stay is going on now.

We've added a Christmas show - which kind of sucks as I really wanted to spend Christmas night with two great friends who live here but what are you going to do.

Hope this finds everyone reading this well at the holidays

Off to work on my Secret Santa presents


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shook 0 Blizzard 3

So yep - it did it to us again...

No shows today either but one added Christmas night.

Off to take pictures of the snow in downtown to share!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The show must go on

Except in the case of Blizzard...

Denver Center canceled the show - the mayor shut down the city.

Me - I'm at the office in the theatre working until the load-in is finished at 5pm.

Tonight we watch Christmas movies in the lobby instead of hearing the show over the speakers.

(photo is from a news website of the Denver Airport which they just shut down - thank god today wasn't a travel day)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Where I'm I you ask?


Love this city - although Seattle was pretty great too.

I'm less than 12 hours in and the sickness hasn't struck although my head feels not as much like it's in a vicegrip in a headache way - just simply in a vicegrip.

Tomorrow we organize the Holiday party at the other Marriot.

We hold a benefit for BCEFA - photos will be forthcoming

and I hope to see Mary and Randi!!!!!!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Water Logged in Seattle

Well first of all - WE ARE FINE! Unlike what the media showed of all the suburban blackouts, wet football players etc the downtown area just got drenched on and off (and personally I missed it all being in the theatre all day). We still have power. And the show went on!

We had tiny brownouts twice that caused some issues with some of the lights but nothing that interupted the flow of the show.

I had a glorious first night meal with some of the ladies in the crew on Monday night. We went to a seafood place right at the Market and it was FANTASTIC. We just ate and ate and ate. The six of us had the Crab Festival special which included sour dough bread, clam shower, bucket of clams and mussels, and the largest platter of crabs I have ever seen. The fisherman picture was from the restaurants front entrance.

Yes that is a Christmas Tree on the CEILING of the lobby of the theatre. The CEILING. I don't get it either.

That's Patrick enjoying the company of Frosty at the local Gameworks. We all had a great time driving race cars, playing dance dance revolution (in my case badly) and shooting zombies. There is nothing like shooting Zombies!

Flat Jason enjoyed some time back in my old apartment in Queens. Thanks again to the real Jason for making me feel at home. I'm very proud of him.

Took a walk with some of the gals from Love Perfect on Saturday Night and took a tourist photo but it had to be done as part of the travel log.

Oh - and Mom sent her cookies to Seattle for the holidays. They were a BIG hit.

Okay someone just got hurt on stage - I'm off to see if I have another hospital visit in my future

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another - REALLY?

I got the following from a GLAAD media alert. I can't believe that in midst of all this TIME Magazine, of all magazines, would look to having this man write about Cheney being a Grandfather. Perhaps someone on the other side of the debate discussing how a parent could stand-up as a leader in this nation and not move towards helping make the world a better a place for his daughter - maybe - but this FOOL!!!!!

So I urge my friends and loved ones to read this and decide for themselves if TIME made the right move. Voice your concerns if you have them. Let yourself be heard. Sometimes the only way to silence the 'village idiot' is to quietly but firmly speak your mind too.

This GLAAD Alert can also be accessed online at:

Dec. 13, 2006


Following widespread media coverage of the announcement that Mary Cheney, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, is pregnant, Time magazine made the unusual mis-step of inviting anti-gay fundamentalist James Dobson (Focus on the Family) to contribute a column that, unsurprisingly, contained significant misrepresentations.

Dobson's column - "Two Mommies Is One Too Many" - can be read at (,8816,1568485,00.html). In it, Dobson denigrates the families of gay and lesbian Americans while distorting and misrepresenting the social science on gay and lesbian parenting:

"With all due respect to Cheney and her partner, Heather Poe, the majority of more than 30 years of social-science evidence indicates that children do best on every measure of well-being when raised by their married mother and father."
Dobson and other anti-gay activists who attack gay and lesbian families frequently employ this soundbite in an attempt to mislead audiences. When he cites "30 years of social-science evidence," Dobson is not referring to credible, peer-reviewed studies comparing developmental outcomes of children being raised by gay and lesbian couples with those being raised by opposite-sex married couples. Dobson's claim about "30 years of social-science evidence" is simply not related to discussions about children being raised by two loving gay or lesbian parents.

Dobson's misleading distortion of social science is easily debunked with one look at the "Research Summary on Lesbian and Gay Parenting" ( by the American Psychological Association and the "Technical Report on Coparent or Second-Parent Adoption by Same-Sex Parents" (;109/2/341) by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which, after reviewing the social science data, concludes that children with gay parents can have the same advantages and outcomes in terms of health, adjustment and development as those with heterosexual parents.

Dobson's willful misrepresentation of social science research is both disturbing and predictable. And Time magazine's decision to extend Dobson a platform without holding him to basic standards of accuracy is deeply troubling and must be addressed. Over the past three days, GLAAD has been discussing this issue with Time's editors -- and we need you to share your concerns as well.


Please review Dobson's op-ed and write to Time magazine today. Express your concern about Time's decision to grant Dobson a platform to spread misinformation about gay and lesbian families. And ask that Time correct the record by publishing a counterpoint column or article of similar length in the magazine's print edition.

Visit to Take Action today!


Family Pride

American Psychological Association
Research Summary on Lesbian and Gay Parenting

American Academy of Pediatrics
Technical Report on Coparent or Second-Parent Adoption by Same-Sex Parents;109/2/341

Sept. 9, 2003 - "Tell CNN, Larry King Live to Stop Promoting James Dobson's Anti-Gay Attacks"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Company

While in Houston we had a little gathering hosted by the lovely Beth and her girlfriend Karen. It was a great time and the first time that I felt like the company was really on the road with one another and not little islands onto ourselves. These are a GREAT group of people. Sadly my boss Susan and her partner Greg didn't make the gathering.

Lauderdale - like the Flash!

The holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years is always quick but it's even quicker when you are
A) On a national tour of a show while trying to prepare the company for layoff and the next city at the same time
B) In a City where one of your best friends in the world lives.

Fort Lauderdale was a wonderful time.

The theatre and the area around the theatre was beautiful. Note those are the gazebo, big boat and lobby photo. I kept saying if you can imagine how much the boat cost then think on how much the apartment the boats are tied to are.

I got to spend quality time with Matt May during the two weeks of shows as well as the half week I spent in his guest room. I think the folks at Rosie's were probably wondering if we were going to just move into the restaurant - but boy was the food good. We also enjoyed the latest DVD release of the greatest sitcom EVER - the GOLDEN GIRLS. That damn show stands the test of time - it's funnier than the Sex in the City gals ever were and the social commentary are completely topical today. Love me the GOLDEN GIRLS!!!

We also had a fantastic meal at a Cafe owned by one of the Top Chef people. I am still raving about that meal.

I also got to meet Matt's friend Doug at the Alibi bar in Fort Lauderdale. Now from the photo of Matt you will notice what looks like a mini-plaza parking lot where you would expect to find maybe a Starbucks, a Jo-Ann Fabrics, perhaps a florist and the like. Instead it's a mini-mart that is GAY GAY GAY. Gay bars, gay stores (including the Gaymart - seriously), gay coffee shops... it's very cute and nice to see suburban sprawl with a gay sensability. Just further proves that all people are the same no matter who you sleep with.

Oh and one more shout out in the photos to the Palace in South Beach. That is the little flag marker on Ocean Drive that gives one a hint (in case the half dressed boys and some gals kissing doesn't) that the small little place down the block from the Versace mansion is a gay restaurant/bar. Thanks again to Mrs. Astor and the boys for making me feel welcomed on my visit there.

All and All a great time in a great little town

Thanks to Matt for making the visit so special

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A little something to think on...

Read about this on another blog so I checked it out...

Interesting read that has been on my mind today.

Thought this might make for some interesting feedback.

In other news I met the gang at the Palace last night. It was a nice time. I will say the music was a little to loud for my tastes - I like hearing people when it's chatting time and loud music when it's dancing time however all and all it was an honor to meet the people behind Matt's friendships in South Beach. And having the chance to put a face with the wise words of one Mrs. Astor was great - might not realize it but the grasp of wit and wisdom is inspiring.

Today we have two shows. Then a day off for Turkey and thanks. And then 6 shows over 3 days. Doesn't really effect me because I would be in the office anyway but the cast is going to be dragging by the Monday day off.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Turkey Day with Matt May...

It's a coming!!!

But tonight I get to meet ROYALTY!!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally more on Houston

So beyond the cheezits what else to tell about Houston?

It's been a nice two weeks here. Patrick and I spent the day off at the Johnson's Space Center where we saw lots of space stuff. The tram tour we took Flat Jason on was nice but I will say the inside museum stuff was rather lacking. I have been to the displays in DC and Patrick has gone to the base in Orlando and we both felt their grasp of the museum kind of information wasn't great here. It was only $18 so it was worth it getting to sit in the observation room of the ground control and walk through the behind the scenes areas of the train areas.

We also hit the Houston Galleria mall. They have an ICE SKATING RINK inside the Mall. Enough said. For those of you who care about such things (you know who you are...) they also have Jimmy Choo shoestore and Armani, etc, etc, etc but also the normal suburban stores. I get it - this city has money but weird!

The show is still strong. The review here was closer to the snotty one in Boston though. Seems the critic here has a bone to pick with the theatre itself for not choosing what he considers more quality shows like Light in the Piazza and Doubt. The funny thing was he actually said in the review how great everyone was so who knows. I don't get critics despite how critical I myself can be. Not to get into a giant rant but I will say it's interesting touring the country how horrible the newspaper business is getting. It's like the new reporters, critics, etc that write for these papers around the country forgot or never took a lesson in how to write an article or a review. My language skills aren't perfection but then I don't write for a major newspaper like they do.

Anyway - Audiences are still on their feet and we have heard many times in the lobby comments like "That's why we should never read those reviews." Now if that could just convert to more sales.

Because of the theatre's location there aren't many places to eat nearby the theatre. This area of Houston is a business district so most places that are around are closed early. This has turned us into frequent eaters at the Hard Rock Cafe. Prices are so much cheaper than I am used to in NYC though and it tastes good - so why not.

That is where the photo of the Ferris Wheel comes in. There is an Aquarium in Downtown Houston with a Ferris Wheel. I don't get the connection other than maybe making kids want to go there but the real odd part is staring at a Ferris Wheel that is right off the exit ramp.

Now I have seen the odd ball Denver amusement park that is just outside downtown but this sucker is in the heart of the downtown area.

America is an interesting place.

And they say you can see it all in NYC.

Next stop Fort Lauderdale - we leave Monday and Matt May better be READY!

Flat Jason is at it again

It also dawned on me I haven't updated folks on the continuing adventures of Flat Jason.

There he is how Patrick and I found him when we got back to the hotel one night in Orlando. We didn't ask!

There he is enjoying a day with us at NASA on the tram tour of the Johnson Space Center Campus. That is a giant rocket that would have been the last Apollo rocket had the mission not been scrapped.

Oh and he isn't in the Flatonia picture but we did stop through Flatonia on our drive from San Antonio to Houston.

Ok, I lied - a little

Couldn't get the two to merge (still learning this darn program) but from the above you can get the feel for what I meant.

Very beautiful - grand and classic. It's great to see cities making these modern marvel spaces but there is also something to be said for a little bit of history.

Houston smells of Cheezits

No joke. Walking home the other night from the theatre Patrick and I smelled Cheezits. No, we hadn't been drinking. Just walking home to the hotel and POW... the overwhelming smell of those crackers from childhood. And not like a brief aroma but as if there was a factory that made them burning to the ground. The air for almost a block smelled. Weird NO?

I have photos I owe peeps from San Antonio.

They are the Alamo photo. An interesting historical building that looks like it got dropped into the middle of a time warp because everything around it is so modern. That is until you walk in and realize that the major building of the Alamo's footprint is now a gift shop. ALL GIFT SHOP! Oh COMMERCE!! We did wander over to a cowboy hat shop where we both got ourselves real cowboys hats and I went as far as to buy myself a handmade belt and buckle. Cowboy belt buckles are so much easier to use and pretty too! Broke out both here is Houston when a few of us went to a Cowboy bar.

Speaking of bars. The other San Antonio photo is of a place called the Bonham Exchange. It's an old mansion converted into a gay bar in the 1980's. This place is huge. Two front bars. One back patio bar and a giant dance floor that had all those in my group saying it's like Babylon on QAF. It was. A good time was had by all and many funny stories have been repeated from that evening.

The theatre in San Antonio is small but a beautful space. In my continuing series of cellphone photography I will post in a moment a merged photo (took two pictures and stuck them together in photoshop) of the view into the house from the stage. Just gorgeous.

But as I mentioned above we are now in Houston. So I suppose I should close this post and actually talk about things in Houston other than Cheezits. More to come.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Disney Days...

They could certainly spend some of the bucks they make on admission and the giant resorts to update the place. Granted I am more than 10 years older but it seems that the technology has grown and the parks haven't.

Quick fixes to things like Spaceship Earth looked cheap and rides like the Chinesse Theatre in MGM could use some help. 1989 is a long time without much in the way of an update. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe coats in the main lobby of the Great Movie ride don't count and were VERY Creepy in the maniquins shown above.

The animation department tour, thanks to the huge layoffs, is a shadow of itself from back in the day and most of the money it seems is going into thrill rides like those at the Animal Kingdom and MGM. Something that from everything I have ever read was never Walt's vision for the parks. But I guess times change.

Although not a huge fan of thrill rides I did enjoy about 85% of the Tower of Terror ride. They built it around a story - the technology before the thrill ride portion was well done my only issue with it was it dropped us about two times too many for my taste. As I screamed like a 5 year old cutting off all the circulation in Patrick's hand - the 5 year old behind me was laughing.

It was great spending the early part of Friday with Mom and Dad. They seemed to be having a nice time. They even made it to the show Friday night - which they enjoyed also. And they even met both Susan's.

We load out of here tonight and leave tomorrow for San Antonio. Texas bound...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sleeping in a Mall with a Migraine

So we have made it to Orlando. Mom and Dad have too. Although I spent most of the day today feeling completely ill. For those friends in Denver it was similar to my issues with elevation. Those of you who have seen me with one of those - heck yeah - MIGRAINE. After a lot of meds, a nap, and finally some food once i could be near it without feeling sicker I am back to 100%. Migraines SUCK!

Patrick was up at the crack of dawn off to Disney. I am going with him on Friday. Breakfast at Epcot. Afternoon at MGM and dinner time at Mom and Dad's hotel before driving them to the show. Haven't been to Disney since high school so it should be odd but fun.

The photos attached are Patrick talking to Glenn from the hotel in Louisville - HELLO GLENN!

The very glass structure is the theatre in Louisville

And the one other is the outside of our hotel. You were wondering why the title of this blog mentions sleeping in a MALL - well because our hotel is in the Florida Mall. Between Sears and M&M World... it is a huge hotel that is part of the mall. No joke. I could imagine some of you who are very jealous of my location right now.

Yep - touring is an experience.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Land known as Louisville

It took us long enough to get here - 11am til 11pm on the travel day - thanks to United Airlines and the Chicago airport but we finally arrived.

Once again the audiences are just loving the show. The company is also finally starting to settle in with one another. There is a routine building and it's making for a nice time.

Last night was the Project Runway party and tonight is the start of our touring bowling League that I have set up with one of the cast. Complete with averages and handicaps we are going to make it a tradition on Thursday nights.

Next week is Orlando and I can't wait - I got Mom and Dad a trip to Disney for their Anniversary and they are also going to come see the show. I am hoping to even get far enough ahead of my work load so I can spend next Friday at the Disney park in the afternoon.

Guess we will see...

Been a little busy.

Sorry there have been few updates. The one week legs make it hard to have time for reflection. I managed to get ahead of the work load tonight though and thought I would share some stuff I haven't shared yet.

End of Boston - the audiences still loved it. Got to see some great friends and managed to do a lot of bowling. We were glad however to be done there. The giant T photo is the - well - GIANT T - by the subway at the stop we were at in the outskirts of Boston. Also the dressy photo of Patrick and I is from the opening night party in Boston.

From Boston we went to Appleton - I spent the whole time there calling it a patchwork town. The street we were on had a beautiful new theatre complex (that's the photo of the inside of a building), our hotel complete with an indoor pool area that you could look down on from the lobby, every kind of dining experience you could ever want, and a great coffee house. I mean - where else but New York City can you have Japanesse food one night, steak across the street the next, and cold (it was supposed to be hot) food and bad service from a fancy fusion place the next? Once again the audience ate up the show.

The rug photo is a fun story - if I were to tell you it was on the bus would you believe me? If I told you it was on the floor of the gay bar in Appleton would you believe me? If I told you it was on both would you believe me? Well it was both... the cast and I got a huge kick out of that one. Yep - an Appleton gay bar.

So as you can imagine Patrick and I have been keeping very busy - so busy that Flat Jason has had to do our ironing.

More to come from Kentucky ...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Litte Time for Reflection and ACTION!

There will be more updates soon enough from the latest stop but in the mean time I thought it important to pass along the following to those peeps who read my little blog here.

This is part of a newsletter I received today from the Matthew Shepard Foundation. It is a note from Judy Shepard and I think it speaks for itself. I would encourage any of you who can't make a donation to MSF at this time to at least sign-up for their newsletter and also make the pledge to vote in this next election.

In my personal opinion it's time for change. Maybe you don't agree but either way it's important that each and every one of us votes in November whether in person or by absentee ballot.

For those looking to find the foundation website it sits just to the right of this in my link, along with the tour site and the site of my very good friend Rob's card company.

Hope this finds everyone well.

* * *

Dear Friend,

8 years ago today, hate in its most vicious form stole the life of my son Matthew. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday, but then I reflect on all of the progress that has been made since 1998 to erase hate in our society - progress made in part because of what happened to Matthew. That is why on this day each year, the Matthew Shepard Foundation seeks to do something proactive to keep the tide of positive change moving forward.

Today we are launching our National Get Out The Vote Campaign to encourage everyone in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) and allied community to let their voice be heard and vote on November 7th. If Matthew were alive today, I know he would tell you:


It's your right, your duty and your future. But, I have one more request to make of you - a very special request. Since Matthew can no longer exercise his right to vote, a right he cherished, I ask that you PLEDGE TO VOTE FOR MATTHEW on November 7th. Commit to sharing your voice with Matthew, commit to using your primary right as an American, commit to playing a role in determining the future of your community.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation is also officially launching our new website today. We are still putting some finishing touches on the site, but it is a website we are proud of and hope you will visit often. It was designed with you in mind. It provides the most detailed information about Matthew, the Foundation and how YOU can make a difference in the world.

Judy Shepard

Friday, September 29, 2006

The Salute to Rochester Growing Up

To clarify that ain't diet coke in Patrick's hand.

And we never drank what he has in his hand on Saturday mornings at Dewey Lanes.

I still have some form...

And despite the way it looks I had one of my classic 10 frame wonders - two strikes and an 8. Ask Patrick he was my witness. (I was bowler #3)

We wanted to get up at 9:30am and go to their morning bowling but ummmmm sleep has won out so far.

On Butler with a Butler

Another - whoops I forgot.

While performing in Indy we were on the Butler campus which meant nothing nearby to eat except the campus center. That's right folks... campus dining in all it's glory. We actually quite enjoyed it. For those of you who have done the dining hall experience note Patrick has the required to glasses of soda to avoid having to go back for a refill. CLASSIC!

Although to say it wasn't odd looking at the faces of the young people around us and thinking 'I NEVER LOOKED THAT YOUNG'. I guess it's simply perception - none of my friends look any older than they ever have because I see them often enough to have grown-up with them.

It's nice being so close too so many for so long.

(And yes - I know - I need a hair cut. It's not an easy task when you are working 12 hour days in different cities all the time)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Boston Roars

So we made it to Boston and although the housing is the worst yet - the city itself is great - especcially the audience that saw the show tonight. It wasn't the biggest house we have had but it certainly was the loudest. They really got it.

Looking forward to seeing some friends while I am here and Patrick and I have vowed to have one 'salute to Rochester' adventure before we leave here. I'm not telling you what - but certain people in our lives will appreciate it a great deal.

The internet here isn't great either so I'm way behind on my tv downloads but will catch up. If people haven't been watching Bones this season they should - it's a perfect time to jump into the season and it's available on Itunes.

Oh and for my pals in my favorite city that always, sadly, makes me sick I am very close to organzing a small cabaret benefit with the cast while in town. I am so excited to be still doing benefits for MSF while on the road.

Off to bed...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Almost out of here

Photo number one is one I forgot to share with everyone of the Milwaukee Museum. It was a very cool place, with some great art that I was glad to have seen. Not everyday you see a real Monet and a real Warhol in the same place. I could have done without the creepy doll with the moving face however.

Photo number two: What I call - "that's what this place feels like". I am enjoying my camera phone - if you can't tell. The picture quality isn't always great but that not great quality brings a kind of style. So anyway - that's the highway near our current hotel as we walked back after dinner at Denny's last night at 10pm. This kind of wasteland of emptiness sparked by some glaring light is sort of how it's feels here.

Here's another story to emphasize it. One of the actors tried to order a dinner at Denny's last night that was more vegatable then meat. When he asked the waitress what she really thought about the meal she replied:

"I don't really know. I tend to eat brown food."

Yeah - a statement about America and Indy.

The final photo is my salute to brown food and my meal of choice here in Indy. The vending machine at the theatre is helping me out considering the time it takes to grab food on campus and my lack of time to do such things.

I am my father's daughter. Nothing like cheese crackers and peanut butter.

2 days/4 shows til we out of here!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Missing Milwaukee

It has just been one of those days and I wish we were still in Milwaukee.

Not only has the entire day gotten completely away from me and I got nothing done in the midst of much juggling of added things this evening but I just heard the following from Patrick.

A woman came to his booth before show and said she was going to purchase a lot of stuff.

She returned at intermission and said "I like your shirt and hat and liked the show up until that 'black girl kissed that white boy'"

Apparently the woman was on her way out and not coming back for act two - considering - it was probably best

I suppose that was our welcome to Middle America - red state much - unbelievable.

What year is this?

And people wonder why I do so much work with the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Off to bed - tomorrow is another day

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Introducing Flat Jason

So while Jason was here in Milwaukee he made a cartoon of himself and explained the 'flat friend' idea. Seems the new thing for school children to do is make drawings of themselves and then mail them into the universe. They expect people to take photos of the flat friend in different locations and then mail the photos back to the child.

In my day we did balloon jamborees. I suppose sending helium ballons into the air on mass isn't very healthy for the world so I think they stopped them. I seem to remember having my balloon go the farthest one year when I was at Autumn Lane.

Anyway - lost the thread... so Flat Jason. He's traveling with Patrick and I.

Photo number one is Flat Jason in his 'house'. I keep him in my aqua folder so he won't get crushed. He seems to like it there.

Photo number two and three are Flat Jason joining Patrick and myself tonight for dinner at a wings place by the theatre. He seemed to enjoy the menu and the beer.

Heck - he enjoyed his beer so much he needed a nap.

Tomorrow is the GOLDEN DAY!!! That technically that means a day off but in this transition I'm not so sure that will be the case.

Either way - still having a blast.