Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A little something to think on...

Read about this on another blog so I checked it out...

Interesting read that has been on my mind today.

Thought this might make for some interesting feedback.

In other news I met the gang at the Palace last night. It was a nice time. I will say the music was a little to loud for my tastes - I like hearing people when it's chatting time and loud music when it's dancing time however all and all it was an honor to meet the people behind Matt's friendships in South Beach. And having the chance to put a face with the wise words of one Mrs. Astor was great - might not realize it but the grasp of wit and wisdom is inspiring.

Today we have two shows. Then a day off for Turkey and thanks. And then 6 shows over 3 days. Doesn't really effect me because I would be in the office anyway but the cast is going to be dragging by the Monday day off.

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Anonymous said...

You are well aware of my position on this. We have had some wonderful discussions over the kitchen table.

It puzzles me still that all Christians are continually group into that self loathing, neo-conservative evangelical stereotype. Our progressive attempts to be heard more times than not are drowned out by the sensational, pulpit thumpers of the day. But let's face it, we are fighting a rabid media that had much rather stream the likes of the Focus on The Family deprogrammed "former lesbian" than report on my church's peaceful attempt at a "family" picnic on the grounps of the Colorado Springs fortress.

You know how much I love my church. Open minds, open hearts, open doors. It's official position on homosexuality:

Certain basic human rights and civil liberties are due all persons. We are committed to supporting those rights and liberties for homosexual persons.

We see a clear issue of simple justice in protecting their rightful claims where they have shared material resources, pensions, guardian relationships, mutual powers of attorney, and other such lawful claims typically attendant to contractual relationships that involve shared contributions, responsibilities, and liabilities, and equal protection before the law.

Moreover, we support efforts to stop violence and other forms of coercion against gays and lesbians.

And they live it! Refreshing. How do we get heard, we the progressive? I don't know in this world of sensationalism. I guess we do what Jesus would do...keep working quietly and without halt for the meak and the least. I have faith that one day that will be enough.