Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lauderdale - like the Flash!

The holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years is always quick but it's even quicker when you are
A) On a national tour of a show while trying to prepare the company for layoff and the next city at the same time
B) In a City where one of your best friends in the world lives.

Fort Lauderdale was a wonderful time.

The theatre and the area around the theatre was beautiful. Note those are the gazebo, big boat and lobby photo. I kept saying if you can imagine how much the boat cost then think on how much the apartment the boats are tied to are.

I got to spend quality time with Matt May during the two weeks of shows as well as the half week I spent in his guest room. I think the folks at Rosie's were probably wondering if we were going to just move into the restaurant - but boy was the food good. We also enjoyed the latest DVD release of the greatest sitcom EVER - the GOLDEN GIRLS. That damn show stands the test of time - it's funnier than the Sex in the City gals ever were and the social commentary are completely topical today. Love me the GOLDEN GIRLS!!!

We also had a fantastic meal at a Cafe owned by one of the Top Chef people. I am still raving about that meal.

I also got to meet Matt's friend Doug at the Alibi bar in Fort Lauderdale. Now from the photo of Matt you will notice what looks like a mini-plaza parking lot where you would expect to find maybe a Starbucks, a Jo-Ann Fabrics, perhaps a florist and the like. Instead it's a mini-mart that is GAY GAY GAY. Gay bars, gay stores (including the Gaymart - seriously), gay coffee shops... it's very cute and nice to see suburban sprawl with a gay sensability. Just further proves that all people are the same no matter who you sleep with.

Oh and one more shout out in the photos to the Palace in South Beach. That is the little flag marker on Ocean Drive that gives one a hint (in case the half dressed boys and some gals kissing doesn't) that the small little place down the block from the Versace mansion is a gay restaurant/bar. Thanks again to Mrs. Astor and the boys for making me feel welcomed on my visit there.

All and All a great time in a great little town

Thanks to Matt for making the visit so special

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Showtune said...

It is I who should be thanking YOU! Don't stay away too long Mary Poppins . . .