Friday, December 15, 2006

Water Logged in Seattle

Well first of all - WE ARE FINE! Unlike what the media showed of all the suburban blackouts, wet football players etc the downtown area just got drenched on and off (and personally I missed it all being in the theatre all day). We still have power. And the show went on!

We had tiny brownouts twice that caused some issues with some of the lights but nothing that interupted the flow of the show.

I had a glorious first night meal with some of the ladies in the crew on Monday night. We went to a seafood place right at the Market and it was FANTASTIC. We just ate and ate and ate. The six of us had the Crab Festival special which included sour dough bread, clam shower, bucket of clams and mussels, and the largest platter of crabs I have ever seen. The fisherman picture was from the restaurants front entrance.

Yes that is a Christmas Tree on the CEILING of the lobby of the theatre. The CEILING. I don't get it either.

That's Patrick enjoying the company of Frosty at the local Gameworks. We all had a great time driving race cars, playing dance dance revolution (in my case badly) and shooting zombies. There is nothing like shooting Zombies!

Flat Jason enjoyed some time back in my old apartment in Queens. Thanks again to the real Jason for making me feel at home. I'm very proud of him.

Took a walk with some of the gals from Love Perfect on Saturday Night and took a tourist photo but it had to be done as part of the travel log.

Oh - and Mom sent her cookies to Seattle for the holidays. They were a BIG hit.

Okay someone just got hurt on stage - I'm off to see if I have another hospital visit in my future

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