Monday, December 25, 2006


Well hello everyone - Photos from Denver.

The statue is of Hamburger Mary - where we did our benefit while here in town.

The "living room" shot shows how hotels can look like livingrooms if you don't turn around and see the elevator

The tree was designed and made backstage by one of our light guys. Cool huh?

The storm photo was 16th Street Mall in Denver the day after. See not so bad...

Oh and that is me waving hello at the afternoon party in the presidental suite of the Marriott around the corner from where we are staying.


Merry Christmas

It's Christmas from the lobby of a Denver hotel (wireless internet ROCKS!!!)

To each and everyone of you who I know is aware of my little space in cyberland I wish you a Happy Holiday.

Today we have a special company dinner from 2-5pm and then a show at the theatre at 8pm (thanks to the cancelation and the poor planning of the presenter about a replacement show).

The company is hanging out tonight in the lobby of the hotel watching a year without a santa and playing dice games. Spirits are high and spirits are also being poured.

I am having a blast but do miss my dear friends at this wonderful time of year.

Oh and we have so far raised $65,000 for BCEFA since we started collecting.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

We're back!!!!

The snow is trying to melt. People can finally get out of their homes and we can finally sing and dance again.

Show number 3 of our stay is going on now.

We've added a Christmas show - which kind of sucks as I really wanted to spend Christmas night with two great friends who live here but what are you going to do.

Hope this finds everyone reading this well at the holidays

Off to work on my Secret Santa presents


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shook 0 Blizzard 3

So yep - it did it to us again...

No shows today either but one added Christmas night.

Off to take pictures of the snow in downtown to share!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The show must go on

Except in the case of Blizzard...

Denver Center canceled the show - the mayor shut down the city.

Me - I'm at the office in the theatre working until the load-in is finished at 5pm.

Tonight we watch Christmas movies in the lobby instead of hearing the show over the speakers.

(photo is from a news website of the Denver Airport which they just shut down - thank god today wasn't a travel day)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Where I'm I you ask?


Love this city - although Seattle was pretty great too.

I'm less than 12 hours in and the sickness hasn't struck although my head feels not as much like it's in a vicegrip in a headache way - just simply in a vicegrip.

Tomorrow we organize the Holiday party at the other Marriot.

We hold a benefit for BCEFA - photos will be forthcoming

and I hope to see Mary and Randi!!!!!!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Water Logged in Seattle

Well first of all - WE ARE FINE! Unlike what the media showed of all the suburban blackouts, wet football players etc the downtown area just got drenched on and off (and personally I missed it all being in the theatre all day). We still have power. And the show went on!

We had tiny brownouts twice that caused some issues with some of the lights but nothing that interupted the flow of the show.

I had a glorious first night meal with some of the ladies in the crew on Monday night. We went to a seafood place right at the Market and it was FANTASTIC. We just ate and ate and ate. The six of us had the Crab Festival special which included sour dough bread, clam shower, bucket of clams and mussels, and the largest platter of crabs I have ever seen. The fisherman picture was from the restaurants front entrance.

Yes that is a Christmas Tree on the CEILING of the lobby of the theatre. The CEILING. I don't get it either.

That's Patrick enjoying the company of Frosty at the local Gameworks. We all had a great time driving race cars, playing dance dance revolution (in my case badly) and shooting zombies. There is nothing like shooting Zombies!

Flat Jason enjoyed some time back in my old apartment in Queens. Thanks again to the real Jason for making me feel at home. I'm very proud of him.

Took a walk with some of the gals from Love Perfect on Saturday Night and took a tourist photo but it had to be done as part of the travel log.

Oh - and Mom sent her cookies to Seattle for the holidays. They were a BIG hit.

Okay someone just got hurt on stage - I'm off to see if I have another hospital visit in my future

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another - REALLY?

I got the following from a GLAAD media alert. I can't believe that in midst of all this TIME Magazine, of all magazines, would look to having this man write about Cheney being a Grandfather. Perhaps someone on the other side of the debate discussing how a parent could stand-up as a leader in this nation and not move towards helping make the world a better a place for his daughter - maybe - but this FOOL!!!!!

So I urge my friends and loved ones to read this and decide for themselves if TIME made the right move. Voice your concerns if you have them. Let yourself be heard. Sometimes the only way to silence the 'village idiot' is to quietly but firmly speak your mind too.

This GLAAD Alert can also be accessed online at:

Dec. 13, 2006


Following widespread media coverage of the announcement that Mary Cheney, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, is pregnant, Time magazine made the unusual mis-step of inviting anti-gay fundamentalist James Dobson (Focus on the Family) to contribute a column that, unsurprisingly, contained significant misrepresentations.

Dobson's column - "Two Mommies Is One Too Many" - can be read at (,8816,1568485,00.html). In it, Dobson denigrates the families of gay and lesbian Americans while distorting and misrepresenting the social science on gay and lesbian parenting:

"With all due respect to Cheney and her partner, Heather Poe, the majority of more than 30 years of social-science evidence indicates that children do best on every measure of well-being when raised by their married mother and father."
Dobson and other anti-gay activists who attack gay and lesbian families frequently employ this soundbite in an attempt to mislead audiences. When he cites "30 years of social-science evidence," Dobson is not referring to credible, peer-reviewed studies comparing developmental outcomes of children being raised by gay and lesbian couples with those being raised by opposite-sex married couples. Dobson's claim about "30 years of social-science evidence" is simply not related to discussions about children being raised by two loving gay or lesbian parents.

Dobson's misleading distortion of social science is easily debunked with one look at the "Research Summary on Lesbian and Gay Parenting" ( by the American Psychological Association and the "Technical Report on Coparent or Second-Parent Adoption by Same-Sex Parents" (;109/2/341) by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which, after reviewing the social science data, concludes that children with gay parents can have the same advantages and outcomes in terms of health, adjustment and development as those with heterosexual parents.

Dobson's willful misrepresentation of social science research is both disturbing and predictable. And Time magazine's decision to extend Dobson a platform without holding him to basic standards of accuracy is deeply troubling and must be addressed. Over the past three days, GLAAD has been discussing this issue with Time's editors -- and we need you to share your concerns as well.


Please review Dobson's op-ed and write to Time magazine today. Express your concern about Time's decision to grant Dobson a platform to spread misinformation about gay and lesbian families. And ask that Time correct the record by publishing a counterpoint column or article of similar length in the magazine's print edition.

Visit to Take Action today!


Family Pride

American Psychological Association
Research Summary on Lesbian and Gay Parenting

American Academy of Pediatrics
Technical Report on Coparent or Second-Parent Adoption by Same-Sex Parents;109/2/341

Sept. 9, 2003 - "Tell CNN, Larry King Live to Stop Promoting James Dobson's Anti-Gay Attacks"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Company

While in Houston we had a little gathering hosted by the lovely Beth and her girlfriend Karen. It was a great time and the first time that I felt like the company was really on the road with one another and not little islands onto ourselves. These are a GREAT group of people. Sadly my boss Susan and her partner Greg didn't make the gathering.

Lauderdale - like the Flash!

The holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years is always quick but it's even quicker when you are
A) On a national tour of a show while trying to prepare the company for layoff and the next city at the same time
B) In a City where one of your best friends in the world lives.

Fort Lauderdale was a wonderful time.

The theatre and the area around the theatre was beautiful. Note those are the gazebo, big boat and lobby photo. I kept saying if you can imagine how much the boat cost then think on how much the apartment the boats are tied to are.

I got to spend quality time with Matt May during the two weeks of shows as well as the half week I spent in his guest room. I think the folks at Rosie's were probably wondering if we were going to just move into the restaurant - but boy was the food good. We also enjoyed the latest DVD release of the greatest sitcom EVER - the GOLDEN GIRLS. That damn show stands the test of time - it's funnier than the Sex in the City gals ever were and the social commentary are completely topical today. Love me the GOLDEN GIRLS!!!

We also had a fantastic meal at a Cafe owned by one of the Top Chef people. I am still raving about that meal.

I also got to meet Matt's friend Doug at the Alibi bar in Fort Lauderdale. Now from the photo of Matt you will notice what looks like a mini-plaza parking lot where you would expect to find maybe a Starbucks, a Jo-Ann Fabrics, perhaps a florist and the like. Instead it's a mini-mart that is GAY GAY GAY. Gay bars, gay stores (including the Gaymart - seriously), gay coffee shops... it's very cute and nice to see suburban sprawl with a gay sensability. Just further proves that all people are the same no matter who you sleep with.

Oh and one more shout out in the photos to the Palace in South Beach. That is the little flag marker on Ocean Drive that gives one a hint (in case the half dressed boys and some gals kissing doesn't) that the small little place down the block from the Versace mansion is a gay restaurant/bar. Thanks again to Mrs. Astor and the boys for making me feel welcomed on my visit there.

All and All a great time in a great little town

Thanks to Matt for making the visit so special