Friday, February 23, 2007

I love them but this is why I must keep my distance

Youtube video removed because someone's parents rightfully yelled!

This is what happens to actors when they hit the half way point of a tour with the help of Mr. jack Daniels

I was tucked in bed NO WHERE near this... they are LOVELY people but this is NUTS!

enjoy - because you better believe I laughed at their silliness

In other news I got my bowling game on tonight a 191 and a 165 - thank you very much!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Taking a break from touring to get pissed...

A pal sent me this...

I have no words for the profound ignorance and arrogance of this piece...

Just felt like sharing. Cut, paste, and see what you think folks - you will have to paste in two parts because I couldn't get the darn thing to link right.


As we are heading into the stupid time of year where mudslinging and such starts to ramp up on both sides of the aisle. Where groups of people are going to start being used as pawns once again for political gain instead of dealing with real issues - I think I will be keeping the down thumb around for future posts.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Columbus - Need I say more?

Ordered in food because there was nowhere to eat when the area shut down around 6pm every night. Shows went great but the storm on the first night made for a small house. The hotel was fine but even that was dull. Columbus goes firmly on the 'Places I would NEVER want to live' list.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Voicemaii from friends

Getting messages from friends via text or voice are very fun! (especcially when those friends have been drinking, getting into trouble or avoiding trouble)

Love and miss those of you who fit this description in the last week - and there were many of you.


Sacramento and LA were fantastic. The show went wonderful. I got to spend a ton of time off during the Sacramento dates. Okay it was only two days off in two weeks which might seem odd to most people but to me it was great.

The first say off we went to San Fran. Had a nice lunch, hung in the gayborhood. Then we saw Legally Blonde - not my cup of tea after I felt the show went off track about 20 minutes in but it started off great and the cast was fantastic.

In week two - the day off was amazing. We went to Napa. I haven't felt such calm in so long. There was no sound to Napa just beautiful weather. I will upload pictures as soon as people share them with me. We went to the Cakebread Winery where I became a member of their wine club. We also went to Opus One. The tasting was $25 a taste but where else was I going to find myself near $25 glass of wine. It was well worth it.

Craig also came to Sacramento and worked the tour for the second week. That was a lot of fun and he did a fantastic job covering as a stage manager.

Our final night in Sacramento was Super Bowl Sunday where the entire company who was watching the game was treated to a round of drinks when a man at the bar one his bet on the game. How much you ask? Over $500,000 split between the three guys who were there. Very odd in the bar of a Courtyard Marriot.

Then it was off to LA for the week off. My body was in rest so it didn't take long for a migraine to kick in. I listened to what my head was telling me and rested most of the week (that and worked on advancing the show). Managed to catch a movie at the Arclight theatre with Craig and saw Virginia Wolff with Kathleen Turner. I enjoyed it but boy was it long. We also had dinner at a great Tapa restaurant and Mark and I caught a small comic book collection. There was also bowling - broke a 150 - thank you very much.

Oh and after all my trips to LA I finally flew out of LAX.

Then it was back on the road - on the east - where it was COLD and BORING!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007