Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A little something to think on...

Read about this on another blog so I checked it out...

Interesting read that has been on my mind today.

Thought this might make for some interesting feedback.

In other news I met the gang at the Palace last night. It was a nice time. I will say the music was a little to loud for my tastes - I like hearing people when it's chatting time and loud music when it's dancing time however all and all it was an honor to meet the people behind Matt's friendships in South Beach. And having the chance to put a face with the wise words of one Mrs. Astor was great - might not realize it but the grasp of wit and wisdom is inspiring.

Today we have two shows. Then a day off for Turkey and thanks. And then 6 shows over 3 days. Doesn't really effect me because I would be in the office anyway but the cast is going to be dragging by the Monday day off.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Turkey Day with Matt May...

It's a coming!!!

But tonight I get to meet ROYALTY!!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally more on Houston

So beyond the cheezits what else to tell about Houston?

It's been a nice two weeks here. Patrick and I spent the day off at the Johnson's Space Center where we saw lots of space stuff. The tram tour we took Flat Jason on was nice but I will say the inside museum stuff was rather lacking. I have been to the displays in DC and Patrick has gone to the base in Orlando and we both felt their grasp of the museum kind of information wasn't great here. It was only $18 so it was worth it getting to sit in the observation room of the ground control and walk through the behind the scenes areas of the train areas.

We also hit the Houston Galleria mall. They have an ICE SKATING RINK inside the Mall. Enough said. For those of you who care about such things (you know who you are...) they also have Jimmy Choo shoestore and Armani, etc, etc, etc but also the normal suburban stores. I get it - this city has money but weird!

The show is still strong. The review here was closer to the snotty one in Boston though. Seems the critic here has a bone to pick with the theatre itself for not choosing what he considers more quality shows like Light in the Piazza and Doubt. The funny thing was he actually said in the review how great everyone was so who knows. I don't get critics despite how critical I myself can be. Not to get into a giant rant but I will say it's interesting touring the country how horrible the newspaper business is getting. It's like the new reporters, critics, etc that write for these papers around the country forgot or never took a lesson in how to write an article or a review. My language skills aren't perfection but then I don't write for a major newspaper like they do.

Anyway - Audiences are still on their feet and we have heard many times in the lobby comments like "That's why we should never read those reviews." Now if that could just convert to more sales.

Because of the theatre's location there aren't many places to eat nearby the theatre. This area of Houston is a business district so most places that are around are closed early. This has turned us into frequent eaters at the Hard Rock Cafe. Prices are so much cheaper than I am used to in NYC though and it tastes good - so why not.

That is where the photo of the Ferris Wheel comes in. There is an Aquarium in Downtown Houston with a Ferris Wheel. I don't get the connection other than maybe making kids want to go there but the real odd part is staring at a Ferris Wheel that is right off the exit ramp.

Now I have seen the odd ball Denver amusement park that is just outside downtown but this sucker is in the heart of the downtown area.

America is an interesting place.

And they say you can see it all in NYC.

Next stop Fort Lauderdale - we leave Monday and Matt May better be READY!

Flat Jason is at it again

It also dawned on me I haven't updated folks on the continuing adventures of Flat Jason.

There he is how Patrick and I found him when we got back to the hotel one night in Orlando. We didn't ask!

There he is enjoying a day with us at NASA on the tram tour of the Johnson Space Center Campus. That is a giant rocket that would have been the last Apollo rocket had the mission not been scrapped.

Oh and he isn't in the Flatonia picture but we did stop through Flatonia on our drive from San Antonio to Houston.

Ok, I lied - a little

Couldn't get the two to merge (still learning this darn program) but from the above you can get the feel for what I meant.

Very beautiful - grand and classic. It's great to see cities making these modern marvel spaces but there is also something to be said for a little bit of history.

Houston smells of Cheezits

No joke. Walking home the other night from the theatre Patrick and I smelled Cheezits. No, we hadn't been drinking. Just walking home to the hotel and POW... the overwhelming smell of those crackers from childhood. And not like a brief aroma but as if there was a factory that made them burning to the ground. The air for almost a block smelled. Weird NO?

I have photos I owe peeps from San Antonio.

They are the Alamo photo. An interesting historical building that looks like it got dropped into the middle of a time warp because everything around it is so modern. That is until you walk in and realize that the major building of the Alamo's footprint is now a gift shop. ALL GIFT SHOP! Oh COMMERCE!! We did wander over to a cowboy hat shop where we both got ourselves real cowboys hats and I went as far as to buy myself a handmade belt and buckle. Cowboy belt buckles are so much easier to use and pretty too! Broke out both here is Houston when a few of us went to a Cowboy bar.

Speaking of bars. The other San Antonio photo is of a place called the Bonham Exchange. It's an old mansion converted into a gay bar in the 1980's. This place is huge. Two front bars. One back patio bar and a giant dance floor that had all those in my group saying it's like Babylon on QAF. It was. A good time was had by all and many funny stories have been repeated from that evening.

The theatre in San Antonio is small but a beautful space. In my continuing series of cellphone photography I will post in a moment a merged photo (took two pictures and stuck them together in photoshop) of the view into the house from the stage. Just gorgeous.

But as I mentioned above we are now in Houston. So I suppose I should close this post and actually talk about things in Houston other than Cheezits. More to come.