Friday, November 17, 2006

Houston smells of Cheezits

No joke. Walking home the other night from the theatre Patrick and I smelled Cheezits. No, we hadn't been drinking. Just walking home to the hotel and POW... the overwhelming smell of those crackers from childhood. And not like a brief aroma but as if there was a factory that made them burning to the ground. The air for almost a block smelled. Weird NO?

I have photos I owe peeps from San Antonio.

They are the Alamo photo. An interesting historical building that looks like it got dropped into the middle of a time warp because everything around it is so modern. That is until you walk in and realize that the major building of the Alamo's footprint is now a gift shop. ALL GIFT SHOP! Oh COMMERCE!! We did wander over to a cowboy hat shop where we both got ourselves real cowboys hats and I went as far as to buy myself a handmade belt and buckle. Cowboy belt buckles are so much easier to use and pretty too! Broke out both here is Houston when a few of us went to a Cowboy bar.

Speaking of bars. The other San Antonio photo is of a place called the Bonham Exchange. It's an old mansion converted into a gay bar in the 1980's. This place is huge. Two front bars. One back patio bar and a giant dance floor that had all those in my group saying it's like Babylon on QAF. It was. A good time was had by all and many funny stories have been repeated from that evening.

The theatre in San Antonio is small but a beautful space. In my continuing series of cellphone photography I will post in a moment a merged photo (took two pictures and stuck them together in photoshop) of the view into the house from the stage. Just gorgeous.

But as I mentioned above we are now in Houston. So I suppose I should close this post and actually talk about things in Houston other than Cheezits. More to come.


Anonymous said...

So proud of you both for your cowboy hat purchases. I wore mine all summer and even to work on a couple bad hair days--superb baseball cap alternative--with attitude!

Chele said...

Serious attitude!!! I love mine - I love my belt buckle better but love my hat! Matt look it's Mer!