Sunday, October 29, 2006

Disney Days...

They could certainly spend some of the bucks they make on admission and the giant resorts to update the place. Granted I am more than 10 years older but it seems that the technology has grown and the parks haven't.

Quick fixes to things like Spaceship Earth looked cheap and rides like the Chinesse Theatre in MGM could use some help. 1989 is a long time without much in the way of an update. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe coats in the main lobby of the Great Movie ride don't count and were VERY Creepy in the maniquins shown above.

The animation department tour, thanks to the huge layoffs, is a shadow of itself from back in the day and most of the money it seems is going into thrill rides like those at the Animal Kingdom and MGM. Something that from everything I have ever read was never Walt's vision for the parks. But I guess times change.

Although not a huge fan of thrill rides I did enjoy about 85% of the Tower of Terror ride. They built it around a story - the technology before the thrill ride portion was well done my only issue with it was it dropped us about two times too many for my taste. As I screamed like a 5 year old cutting off all the circulation in Patrick's hand - the 5 year old behind me was laughing.

It was great spending the early part of Friday with Mom and Dad. They seemed to be having a nice time. They even made it to the show Friday night - which they enjoyed also. And they even met both Susan's.

We load out of here tonight and leave tomorrow for San Antonio. Texas bound...

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Showtune said...

glad you're having fun. Hope you got that pic of Chuck w/ the Mickey ears!