Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Land known as Louisville

It took us long enough to get here - 11am til 11pm on the travel day - thanks to United Airlines and the Chicago airport but we finally arrived.

Once again the audiences are just loving the show. The company is also finally starting to settle in with one another. There is a routine building and it's making for a nice time.

Last night was the Project Runway party and tonight is the start of our touring bowling League that I have set up with one of the cast. Complete with averages and handicaps we are going to make it a tradition on Thursday nights.

Next week is Orlando and I can't wait - I got Mom and Dad a trip to Disney for their Anniversary and they are also going to come see the show. I am hoping to even get far enough ahead of my work load so I can spend next Friday at the Disney park in the afternoon.

Guess we will see...


Anonymous said...

chuck in disney world?! ooh ooh! make him wear the ears and send us a picture!


Chele said...

For you darling anything...

But would you call a gal once in a while

Miss you

Showtune said...

Have fun. See you soon.