Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sleeping in a Mall with a Migraine

So we have made it to Orlando. Mom and Dad have too. Although I spent most of the day today feeling completely ill. For those friends in Denver it was similar to my issues with elevation. Those of you who have seen me with one of those - heck yeah - MIGRAINE. After a lot of meds, a nap, and finally some food once i could be near it without feeling sicker I am back to 100%. Migraines SUCK!

Patrick was up at the crack of dawn off to Disney. I am going with him on Friday. Breakfast at Epcot. Afternoon at MGM and dinner time at Mom and Dad's hotel before driving them to the show. Haven't been to Disney since high school so it should be odd but fun.

The photos attached are Patrick talking to Glenn from the hotel in Louisville - HELLO GLENN!

The very glass structure is the theatre in Louisville

And the one other is the outside of our hotel. You were wondering why the title of this blog mentions sleeping in a MALL - well because our hotel is in the Florida Mall. Between Sears and M&M World... it is a huge hotel that is part of the mall. No joke. I could imagine some of you who are very jealous of my location right now.

Yep - touring is an experience.


Showtune said...

pick me up something pretty. perhaps chiffon.

Chele said...

chiffon - really - you are more a leather kind of guy