Sunday, October 29, 2006

Disney Days...

They could certainly spend some of the bucks they make on admission and the giant resorts to update the place. Granted I am more than 10 years older but it seems that the technology has grown and the parks haven't.

Quick fixes to things like Spaceship Earth looked cheap and rides like the Chinesse Theatre in MGM could use some help. 1989 is a long time without much in the way of an update. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe coats in the main lobby of the Great Movie ride don't count and were VERY Creepy in the maniquins shown above.

The animation department tour, thanks to the huge layoffs, is a shadow of itself from back in the day and most of the money it seems is going into thrill rides like those at the Animal Kingdom and MGM. Something that from everything I have ever read was never Walt's vision for the parks. But I guess times change.

Although not a huge fan of thrill rides I did enjoy about 85% of the Tower of Terror ride. They built it around a story - the technology before the thrill ride portion was well done my only issue with it was it dropped us about two times too many for my taste. As I screamed like a 5 year old cutting off all the circulation in Patrick's hand - the 5 year old behind me was laughing.

It was great spending the early part of Friday with Mom and Dad. They seemed to be having a nice time. They even made it to the show Friday night - which they enjoyed also. And they even met both Susan's.

We load out of here tonight and leave tomorrow for San Antonio. Texas bound...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sleeping in a Mall with a Migraine

So we have made it to Orlando. Mom and Dad have too. Although I spent most of the day today feeling completely ill. For those friends in Denver it was similar to my issues with elevation. Those of you who have seen me with one of those - heck yeah - MIGRAINE. After a lot of meds, a nap, and finally some food once i could be near it without feeling sicker I am back to 100%. Migraines SUCK!

Patrick was up at the crack of dawn off to Disney. I am going with him on Friday. Breakfast at Epcot. Afternoon at MGM and dinner time at Mom and Dad's hotel before driving them to the show. Haven't been to Disney since high school so it should be odd but fun.

The photos attached are Patrick talking to Glenn from the hotel in Louisville - HELLO GLENN!

The very glass structure is the theatre in Louisville

And the one other is the outside of our hotel. You were wondering why the title of this blog mentions sleeping in a MALL - well because our hotel is in the Florida Mall. Between Sears and M&M World... it is a huge hotel that is part of the mall. No joke. I could imagine some of you who are very jealous of my location right now.

Yep - touring is an experience.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Land known as Louisville

It took us long enough to get here - 11am til 11pm on the travel day - thanks to United Airlines and the Chicago airport but we finally arrived.

Once again the audiences are just loving the show. The company is also finally starting to settle in with one another. There is a routine building and it's making for a nice time.

Last night was the Project Runway party and tonight is the start of our touring bowling League that I have set up with one of the cast. Complete with averages and handicaps we are going to make it a tradition on Thursday nights.

Next week is Orlando and I can't wait - I got Mom and Dad a trip to Disney for their Anniversary and they are also going to come see the show. I am hoping to even get far enough ahead of my work load so I can spend next Friday at the Disney park in the afternoon.

Guess we will see...

Been a little busy.

Sorry there have been few updates. The one week legs make it hard to have time for reflection. I managed to get ahead of the work load tonight though and thought I would share some stuff I haven't shared yet.

End of Boston - the audiences still loved it. Got to see some great friends and managed to do a lot of bowling. We were glad however to be done there. The giant T photo is the - well - GIANT T - by the subway at the stop we were at in the outskirts of Boston. Also the dressy photo of Patrick and I is from the opening night party in Boston.

From Boston we went to Appleton - I spent the whole time there calling it a patchwork town. The street we were on had a beautiful new theatre complex (that's the photo of the inside of a building), our hotel complete with an indoor pool area that you could look down on from the lobby, every kind of dining experience you could ever want, and a great coffee house. I mean - where else but New York City can you have Japanesse food one night, steak across the street the next, and cold (it was supposed to be hot) food and bad service from a fancy fusion place the next? Once again the audience ate up the show.

The rug photo is a fun story - if I were to tell you it was on the bus would you believe me? If I told you it was on the floor of the gay bar in Appleton would you believe me? If I told you it was on both would you believe me? Well it was both... the cast and I got a huge kick out of that one. Yep - an Appleton gay bar.

So as you can imagine Patrick and I have been keeping very busy - so busy that Flat Jason has had to do our ironing.

More to come from Kentucky ...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Litte Time for Reflection and ACTION!

There will be more updates soon enough from the latest stop but in the mean time I thought it important to pass along the following to those peeps who read my little blog here.

This is part of a newsletter I received today from the Matthew Shepard Foundation. It is a note from Judy Shepard and I think it speaks for itself. I would encourage any of you who can't make a donation to MSF at this time to at least sign-up for their newsletter and also make the pledge to vote in this next election.

In my personal opinion it's time for change. Maybe you don't agree but either way it's important that each and every one of us votes in November whether in person or by absentee ballot.

For those looking to find the foundation website it sits just to the right of this in my link, along with the tour site and the site of my very good friend Rob's card company.

Hope this finds everyone well.

* * *

Dear Friend,

8 years ago today, hate in its most vicious form stole the life of my son Matthew. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday, but then I reflect on all of the progress that has been made since 1998 to erase hate in our society - progress made in part because of what happened to Matthew. That is why on this day each year, the Matthew Shepard Foundation seeks to do something proactive to keep the tide of positive change moving forward.

Today we are launching our National Get Out The Vote Campaign to encourage everyone in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) and allied community to let their voice be heard and vote on November 7th. If Matthew were alive today, I know he would tell you:


It's your right, your duty and your future. But, I have one more request to make of you - a very special request. Since Matthew can no longer exercise his right to vote, a right he cherished, I ask that you PLEDGE TO VOTE FOR MATTHEW on November 7th. Commit to sharing your voice with Matthew, commit to using your primary right as an American, commit to playing a role in determining the future of your community.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation is also officially launching our new website today. We are still putting some finishing touches on the site, but it is a website we are proud of and hope you will visit often. It was designed with you in mind. It provides the most detailed information about Matthew, the Foundation and how YOU can make a difference in the world.

Judy Shepard