Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Bear for Charity

An example of how doing a little something for a charity can make a big difference.

The bear above was created by one of our wardrobe people. He is a Jailhouse Rock Bear and was sent to the Matthew Shepard Foundation for their annual Bear to Make a Difference benefit. Along with some show swag he brought in $400 for the charity.

A Mighty Fine Showing!!!

...And yes that is my VERY messy desk in one of the markets that he is sitting on. Let me tell you - one has to be VERY flexible when you tour. One city you are in a fancy office with your own desk and the next city you could be typing on your laptop as it sits on a stand one would use while eatting a tv dinner in a living room. No joke!

In other news - 4 1/2 weeks to go on this one. 3 more cities after we leave where we are. Happily we are in Southern California for what remains of our last day off and last non-travel (Golden) day. So Monday - I'm going to DISNEYLAND!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Worth the Ride

I think everyone should have to spend 6 hours in a some kind of car or what not with themselves with nothing but their Ipod to engage them beyond their own thoughts. Made the drive from NJ to Roch with all that remained of my NYC housed earthly belongings.

Fingers crossed that the tour for the fall pans out because I have no where but the lovely house I grew up in to call home at this point.

Sadly despite the great me time today I had little time to spend with my NYC pals thanks in large part to no sleep the last night in Minn. Let's just say in my line of work I am ALWAYS on the clock!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A little culture

So four of us went between shows tonight. It was such a lovely way to spend two hours. Funny, entertaining, and sweet. I am sorry to Leslie and anyone else who might be reading this who would be more excited then I was to see Wilco perform. Sadly I wasn't aware of them before the show but now I am. I enjoyed the 'alternative' band from Chicago very much.

They ended the broadcast with Elvis' That's All Right... It might be a coincidence but I think not. I suspect our little show got into someone's head and they thought it a fun way to end tonight. (a few of them are coming to our show in exchange for us getting to see theirs)

If anyone was listening tonight - yes that was the four of us who laughed, screamed and applauded louder than everyone else when the song started.

Minneapolis ends tomorrow and then TWO WEEKS OFF!!!!!