Saturday, May 12, 2007

A little culture

So four of us went between shows tonight. It was such a lovely way to spend two hours. Funny, entertaining, and sweet. I am sorry to Leslie and anyone else who might be reading this who would be more excited then I was to see Wilco perform. Sadly I wasn't aware of them before the show but now I am. I enjoyed the 'alternative' band from Chicago very much.

They ended the broadcast with Elvis' That's All Right... It might be a coincidence but I think not. I suspect our little show got into someone's head and they thought it a fun way to end tonight. (a few of them are coming to our show in exchange for us getting to see theirs)

If anyone was listening tonight - yes that was the four of us who laughed, screamed and applauded louder than everyone else when the song started.

Minneapolis ends tomorrow and then TWO WEEKS OFF!!!!!

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