Monday, April 30, 2007

Things I forgot to share

Nebraska Photos - the Haymarket Watertower and the Quick Nick's Garage - I am sure it's some chain in that part of the country but I thought it so cute and original. Like I walked back in time.

Atlanta photos include:

The theatre announcing the show

The famous Fabulous Fox organ which is played every night as the audience filters in. I was never sure when up on deck if I was in the time before talking pictures or at a baseball game.

And a little something left briefly in the poster box in front of the theatre. If the guy in the photo looks familar it's because it is supposed to be George Clooney. From what I was able to piece together they used the Fox exterior the night we loaded in for a European commercial shoot that featured Clooney as a period actor at a film festival. The commercial, from what I looked up online, was directed by Robert Rodriguez. Pretty darn cool.

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