Thursday, October 19, 2006

Been a little busy.

Sorry there have been few updates. The one week legs make it hard to have time for reflection. I managed to get ahead of the work load tonight though and thought I would share some stuff I haven't shared yet.

End of Boston - the audiences still loved it. Got to see some great friends and managed to do a lot of bowling. We were glad however to be done there. The giant T photo is the - well - GIANT T - by the subway at the stop we were at in the outskirts of Boston. Also the dressy photo of Patrick and I is from the opening night party in Boston.

From Boston we went to Appleton - I spent the whole time there calling it a patchwork town. The street we were on had a beautiful new theatre complex (that's the photo of the inside of a building), our hotel complete with an indoor pool area that you could look down on from the lobby, every kind of dining experience you could ever want, and a great coffee house. I mean - where else but New York City can you have Japanesse food one night, steak across the street the next, and cold (it was supposed to be hot) food and bad service from a fancy fusion place the next? Once again the audience ate up the show.

The rug photo is a fun story - if I were to tell you it was on the bus would you believe me? If I told you it was on the floor of the gay bar in Appleton would you believe me? If I told you it was on both would you believe me? Well it was both... the cast and I got a huge kick out of that one. Yep - an Appleton gay bar.

So as you can imagine Patrick and I have been keeping very busy - so busy that Flat Jason has had to do our ironing.

More to come from Kentucky ...

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