Monday, December 25, 2006


Well hello everyone - Photos from Denver.

The statue is of Hamburger Mary - where we did our benefit while here in town.

The "living room" shot shows how hotels can look like livingrooms if you don't turn around and see the elevator

The tree was designed and made backstage by one of our light guys. Cool huh?

The storm photo was 16th Street Mall in Denver the day after. See not so bad...

Oh and that is me waving hello at the afternoon party in the presidental suite of the Marriott around the corner from where we are staying.



Anonymous said...

Wait! There's another blizzard to come!

Now tell them what it really looked like in the 'burbs. Snow higher than my head...I know that's not saying much, but for those who knew me as a southern bell, it was actually higher than my hair!

We did get to hang out, albeit brief. One second with you, honey is worth a million!

We love you and miss you. April can't come soon enough.


Chele said...

It's true - at least in the burbs. The snow brought back memories of the icestorm in Rochester growing up. We are talking serious hills of snow. Thank god the gals drive SUV's.