Friday, September 29, 2006

On Butler with a Butler

Another - whoops I forgot.

While performing in Indy we were on the Butler campus which meant nothing nearby to eat except the campus center. That's right folks... campus dining in all it's glory. We actually quite enjoyed it. For those of you who have done the dining hall experience note Patrick has the required to glasses of soda to avoid having to go back for a refill. CLASSIC!

Although to say it wasn't odd looking at the faces of the young people around us and thinking 'I NEVER LOOKED THAT YOUNG'. I guess it's simply perception - none of my friends look any older than they ever have because I see them often enough to have grown-up with them.

It's nice being so close too so many for so long.

(And yes - I know - I need a hair cut. It's not an easy task when you are working 12 hour days in different cities all the time)

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Anonymous said...

lookin' good mama! i like the long locks, goldie. miss you! saw "science of sleep", and did practice the art of sleeping in the third quarter (effects did rock though).


where am i coming to find you? - leslie