Wednesday, September 13, 2006

They ain't blue suede...

...but they ain't bad. The bins we are traveling with included at least one full of shoes that aren't being used in the show. To help the 6 trucks we are traveling with pack better tonight was free shoe day.

The other pair that fit was an orange pair of character shoes with heels and if you are reading this you no damn well I am not someone who would wear heels - let alone ORANGE ONES.

The photo is one I forgot to post the other day is of Patrick at the Safe House. I will only tell you it's a neat little theme restuarant here in Milwaukee and, if you can, you should check it out. The bambo curtain behind Patrick's head is because we were sitting in the Japan themed table.

The opening last night went very well. The audience really seemed to get it (even the stuff that might be touchy stuff for the midwest). Hopefully this will convert to great word of mouth and strong sales.

Jason called to tell me the outcome of the Supernova finale. My gal lost so I will not be picking up the Supernova album (or ironically thanks to the piece I just read in the Washington Post the Band Formally known as Supernova - the courts ruled they couldn't keep the name) Although Dilana lost she was courted by the band to produce a solo album - that I will be buying because the gal can sang and has amazing stage presence.

Other than that not much to tell - I am having a blast and prepping for Indianapolis.

Two shows down....


Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick--Lovin' your hair, handsome! Which shoes did he get? As long as you don't say the orange heels, I'm cool with it...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Shooooes! Honey! The orange ones should have been mine! I could wear them on game days here!

We miss you and can't WAIT for you to get here. It's snowing this get the drugs ready!