Saturday, September 09, 2006

So far in Milwaukee

By Day four I SPY:
1) A person smashing through a door sending the glass window in the door to the ground. Yep - drunkest city in America alright
2) A gaggle of high school marching bands playing the same two notes over and over and over again.
3) Jason arriving with set pieces that he drove straight here from CT in only 16 hours
4) A truck rental place right out of a movie
5) A person on stilts entertaining people in a flowing gold dress

and (NO JOKE) a MIME!!!!!

That's right folks - and this is just in the short time I have out of the office.

Talk about variety - huh?

All is going very well. Using the quiet time to get ahead of the game with my workload. The elements of the production are coming together nicely and everyone here is so far way GREAT!!

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Anonymous said...

"and (NO JOKE) a MIME!"

Ya know you should warn people if you're gonna have scary stuff in your blogs.... ACK!