Saturday, September 02, 2006

College Degree but get me a MAP!

That's right folks I might have a BFA but common sense and basic knowledge apparently escapes me. In preparation for my travels I had to find a map. This was actually an easy task. I just went to on their picture/photo option and typed in MAP OF USA and in a blink of an eye - MAP OF USA!!

It was quickly downloaded to my hard drive and is now in rotation as my desktop (along with a gaggle of comic book art). It is also attached to this post for everyone's enjoyment.

Yes, I can quote movies I saw 10 years ago or balance the ground transportation for 50 people but ask me where Omaha Nebraska is and I show a weakness. I enjoyed social studies growing up but sucked at geography.

On a positive note I do know what states these cities are in.

The trick is that states are very big places. Very big. So now I know Sacramento is north of LA but south of San Fran. I also know, thanks to Jason, that it's the state capital of California.

I also know Denver is east of Tucson but not by much and that thanks to the Great Lakes that my time spent in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota will mean things like Lake Effect Snow - see that I remember from growing up on Lake Ontario.

Anyway - bottom line is that the plane leave Wednesday.

My room is no longer my room. My bags are FINGERS CROSSED not OVER WEIGHT. The job is FANTASTIC but hard work.

For those friends in some of these lovely places around the US check out the website to see when I might be in your town

Next lesson - TIME ZONES...

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Anonymous said...

Time Zone Lesson: use this link and remember Arizona doesn't participate in daylight savings time. Arizona is on Pacific Time in the summer and Mountain Time in the winter.