Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Boston Roars

So we made it to Boston and although the housing is the worst yet - the city itself is great - especcially the audience that saw the show tonight. It wasn't the biggest house we have had but it certainly was the loudest. They really got it.

Looking forward to seeing some friends while I am here and Patrick and I have vowed to have one 'salute to Rochester' adventure before we leave here. I'm not telling you what - but certain people in our lives will appreciate it a great deal.

The internet here isn't great either so I'm way behind on my tv downloads but will catch up. If people haven't been watching Bones this season they should - it's a perfect time to jump into the season and it's available on Itunes.

Oh and for my pals in my favorite city that always, sadly, makes me sick I am very close to organzing a small cabaret benefit with the cast while in town. I am so excited to be still doing benefits for MSF while on the road.

Off to bed...


Anonymous said...

Honey, you will NOT get sick this time. We have a hypnotist, a therapist, and an acupuncturist lined up just in case. But just in case, keep drinking plenty of water with those cheese crackers!

A cabaret! YEAH! Just tell us what we need to do to help. The little one in my life will be crazy about this! Maybe I should say the little little one in my life just so you know the difference.

We can't wait to see you. Hurry West!

Huge hugs...say Hi to our fellow survivors in Boston.

Showtune said...

What is this Rochester thing? I want details, because I'm sure to miss out being 1600 miles away!