Saturday, September 23, 2006

Almost out of here

Photo number one is one I forgot to share with everyone of the Milwaukee Museum. It was a very cool place, with some great art that I was glad to have seen. Not everyday you see a real Monet and a real Warhol in the same place. I could have done without the creepy doll with the moving face however.

Photo number two: What I call - "that's what this place feels like". I am enjoying my camera phone - if you can't tell. The picture quality isn't always great but that not great quality brings a kind of style. So anyway - that's the highway near our current hotel as we walked back after dinner at Denny's last night at 10pm. This kind of wasteland of emptiness sparked by some glaring light is sort of how it's feels here.

Here's another story to emphasize it. One of the actors tried to order a dinner at Denny's last night that was more vegatable then meat. When he asked the waitress what she really thought about the meal she replied:

"I don't really know. I tend to eat brown food."

Yeah - a statement about America and Indy.

The final photo is my salute to brown food and my meal of choice here in Indy. The vending machine at the theatre is helping me out considering the time it takes to grab food on campus and my lack of time to do such things.

I am my father's daughter. Nothing like cheese crackers and peanut butter.

2 days/4 shows til we out of here!

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