Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Missing Milwaukee

It has just been one of those days and I wish we were still in Milwaukee.

Not only has the entire day gotten completely away from me and I got nothing done in the midst of much juggling of added things this evening but I just heard the following from Patrick.

A woman came to his booth before show and said she was going to purchase a lot of stuff.

She returned at intermission and said "I like your shirt and hat and liked the show up until that 'black girl kissed that white boy'"

Apparently the woman was on her way out and not coming back for act two - considering - it was probably best

I suppose that was our welcome to Middle America - red state much - unbelievable.

What year is this?

And people wonder why I do so much work with the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Off to bed - tomorrow is another day


Showtune said...

Oh my goodness! Honey, don't worry. . . you'll be in South Florida soon . . . those homos will make you feel better. I didn't know you were blogging so much but I'll keep up now to keep tabs. Miss you tons. VERY EMOTIONAL today. No idea why.

PatlerASU said...

Seriously I'M STILL IN SHOCK!!
But she had a really bad bleach dye job with a bad worn out perm... so she has more issues to worry about than who is kissing who! OH and you forgot to mention that she liked my Belt too...
AND she had a cocktail in her hand. I guess that moment drove her to drink but I doubt she really needed any help!

Anonymous said...

That really makes me feel ashamed for all the years I spent living in Indiana. I'm really sorry that you had to be exposed to such ignorance. Next time just tell them you are gay and watch their heads explode! That way there will be a few less bigots running around...