Monday, May 29, 2006

A Night off in Vegas

We started the evening at a neighborhood place that was off the strip and off the beaten path. It was a twenty dollar cab ride so it was supposed to feel like going from Hell's Kitchen to Queens but instead was a walk into the almost rural gay life of Vegas. The bar itself was pretty empty, maybe 15 people with my small group of three in the count. It had all the typical Vegas staples like video slots and a cigarette machine which is so odd to see in a bar. It had all the typical dive bar staples like pool table, dart board and dancing area. What was unusual was it also had it's own band of stripping Russian boys.

That's right! As me and my pals played pool club music would interrupt ever so often as three rather built gentleman removed pieces of clothing to the entertainment of the empty room. They weren't unattractive men and their talents were fine enough although their moves repeative so my pool game was frequently halted as the boys in my group made there way to watch.

Following the public entertainment it was announced that lap dances were available. They call it the city of Sin but somehow watching as men snuck behind a big potted plant in the back of the room for their songs worth of grinding seemed a bit surreal.

To add to the local color a woman in a Manilow show tshirt danced with one of her boy pals on the floor now vacated by the thrusting Russians.

One of the boys in my group was then approached by one of the 'talent' and a conversation/negotiation started to take shape but was quickly interrupted by the arrival of our cab to take us to another of Vegas' local gay color.

to be continued...


Showtune said...

I always miss the good stuff!

chele said...

I would call it odd stuff not good stuff. It was like out of some independant film it was just that strange