Sunday, January 21, 2007

And back to Snow

After a lovely week off at home with Mom and Dad it was back to the road and back to the snow. East Lansing in January is COLD - VERY COLD. It was like being back at Fredonia being on the campus where the theatre was - it was just WAY bigger! I think you could have fit 10 Fredonia Campus' into the foot print of this place.

While here we put together one of my casual benefits like I have done back in Astoria and we raised another $800 plus for Broadway Cares. It was a nice night without a lot of headaches.

Tomorrow we head west to California. Sacramento to be exact. We will be there for two whole weeks and then have another week off where I will be in LA visiting friends. (Hey, why go to snow country when you can stay where it's sort of warm? Although those folks who saw snow in Malibu might not agree with the warm thing. Welcome to Global Warming!)

I'm extra excited because not only do we actually get a decent amount of time off while in the next city Craig is coming to train as a stage manager on the show. So I will not just get one week of Craig time but TWO!!! Not only that but I have pals who live in San Fran which is very close and we are planning a trip on the day off in the second week to wine country. Might be the off season but looking forward to being on a real California Vineyard - extra points for you 80's soap fans who might understand why.

If you've been living in a bubble - Clinton threw her hat in the ring as did Obama. It's going to make for an interesting party election. I only hope the Brownback's of the world don't make headway on the other side because someone like him as president would make for an even scarier exsistance.

Okay off to start my load out - the joys of only a 1pm matinee on the final day in a city!! If only the hotel had Showtime!

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