Tuesday, October 09, 2007

St Paul - we're back again

In a city where the Peanuts gang are sprinkled everywhere. Little Bronze statues of childhoods favorite gang.

It was hot and humid when I arrived on Sunday. It felt like Florida did. Today it's in the mid 50's. Fall has been skipped and jumped right to winter. Nope - no global warming on this planet. WHATEVER.

Florida was a glorous time of kicking back with friends over good food, drink and conversation.

Now two weeks back with the theatre folk before I am back on layoff.

That layoff will involve helping out at the Honors event in LA for the Matthew Shepard Foundation. I suspect that will be one lengthy blog after it's over.

In the mean time it's all about Saint Paul.

Oh - The Yankees got BEAT!!!! YIPPEE!!! And the Rockies got in. As anyone who reads the blog knows I got to see a preseason and now they are in the playoffs! So I am pulling for Denver to go all the way! (I AM ALSO REMEMBERING IN THAT GAME I SAW THE DIAMONDBACKS PLAYED THE ROCKIES AND LOST!!!!!!)

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