Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reflecting back

Jumped around my blog tonight and re-read some old posts and re-lived some old memories. The last show was such hard work and great stress but in the end (and not just because of the way it ended) I can say I loved it better.

I looked back and saw that this show lacked that wide-eyed excitement of each city. Suppose that comes with experience... one no longer appreciates as much... but I think I just saw more last time - and lived more. And I think, in the end, people actually bitched less on ASU - not sure how that is possible but it seems to be true.

Still can't get blogger to let me post photos - oh please someone explain to me why.

In the mean time I found, on Youtube, the commercial Clooney shot in Atlanta the night before we opened at the Fox in Atlanta on ASU.


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