Friday, March 31, 2006

Why Not?

A good question, right?

Okay, so it's a little vague but it suits this just fine. As mentioned I have avoided throwing my ideas out into the universe for whomever to read.

Why have I avoided it?

Well, a few reasons.

It seems strange just throwing up my brain in cyberspace. It seems so cold to report on my day to day experiences and ideas in such a general way instead of emailing or calling close friends. Aren't today's humans isolated enough?

It also seems a quick way to have people who are no longer in my life to hunt me down and want to 'chat'. Frankly I'm not sure I want that...

Much like the character of Alice on the L Word I am familar with 'The Chart'. While in college (for the record nearly ten years ago) some friends and I spent one evening drinking wine and beer connecting everyone in our little theatre department to everyone else romantically. Long before it was the plot thread on the first major lesbian series on TV it was a party game that proved that no matter people's backgrounds, sexuality, or political beilefs the universe really is much smaller then even six degrees of seperation or three degrees of Kevin Bacon.

How does that relate to the question of 'Why Not'?

In 2006, as I write this, there are blogs and websites that are dedicated to linking the universe to one another. It serves a great purpose like 'whatever happened to that gal/guy from the 6th grade who used to be my pal'. But it also serves a very annoying purpose.

To often I have heard people bitch and moan that by joining website X (like myspace etc) that person Y has sent a request to be linked. Then it escalates to 'person Y keeps sending me emails I don't want'.

So why the heck did you say yes to the person to begin with?

...Because it's the 'modern way' to be polite.

My whole thing is that before the invention of 24/7 mass communication people drifted in and out of our lives for a reason. There are only so many hours in a day and with some relationships they are meant to serve a purpose and dissolve. We are meant to grow and change and with that, with some, grow apart. Instead we now find ourselves tied to every moment that has come before because you can just google it.

And now I find myself bloggin'...

Like I said in my last post - at this point in my life it seems a great way to share a little with people I choose to tell this is me while maybe throwing out into the cold dark world of ideas some thoughts and hopes for the future and some angry rants about the present.

Am I a hypocrite - yeah I suppose I am. I have finally fallin' victim to the mass obsession with bloggin' but then again haven't most of us.

So - Why Not?

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