Friday, August 04, 2006

Ease on down the road

I don't have a ton of memories from childhood although I have one that is pretty darn clear.

It was around Halloween. I have since looked it up and it had to have been 1978. I would have been 4. I apparently begged my parents to take me to see the movie musical The Wiz. From what I have been told I was a pest until my mother and father finally said fine.

Mom drew the short straw and was the one to take me. I have been told I was fine until Dorothy got to Oz at that point the fear kicked in. The odd sets and crazy costumes in this wacky version of Oz, that I now know was Manhattan all decked out to look weird, was nothing like the Judy Garland Wizard of Oz that I was so fond of.

I freaked and wanted out of that theatre ASAP.

So home we went - not seeing the whole fiilm.

What I still to this day remember are bits and pieces of seeing the film in the theatre and being fine until the brick road was this odd abandoned overpass looking sets. And I remember coming home to find my dad watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

Not sure why I felt the need to tell this story from when I was 4 but the title of that song from the show was in my head and so this is what came out of my brain.

So there you go...

Also interesting to note: When I looked up the year the movie came out I discovered it was filmed in large part at the film studios in Astoria. How the world works huh?

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